I am a responsible Girl

My Body is the temple of God - not a plaything. I will not defy God's law by doing things outside of marriage. Virginity is still the virtue; lust is still a capital sin. I will be careful in the way I dress, speak or behave. I will observe modesty at all times. Being aware of life as a gift, and never right, in return, will be honor to my parents who brought me into this world, love me, and care for me. My boyfriend will be a husband and a father someday. I want him to be a good example for his wife and children. I will do anything to preserve our chastity and make sex a celebration of commitment in marriage, not a basis for conditional love. I want to be a wife or a mother. I will reserve my purity and affection for my husband and children. I am resolved and determined, in whatever circumstances, to uphold sexual purity and become a part in the preservation and care for life.

I believe that I am created in God's image, called to live a wholesome life. I believe that by respecting others, and myself, I give glory to God. I believe that I am called to live out the vision and values of Jesus.

Recognizing the "true love waits", strengthened with courage by the Holy Spirit, and supported by the christian community, I promise to live chastely, honoring the gift of my sexuality and avoiding sexual intercourse outside of marriage.

august 2: they are the problem..

-- He who glories,
let him glory in
the LORD.
-- 2 Corinthians 10:17

Researchers from Virginia tech University, along with police administrators, recently determined that distracted drivers put others in more danger than aggresive drivers. Drivers who eat, discipline children in the backseat, or talk on the phone are the most hazardous.

When residents in Grand Rapids, Michigan, were asked about the bad habits of drivers that made the highways unsafe, most felt that others caused more problems than they themselves. One woman said that she talked on her a little, but at least she didn't dial the phone numbers while on the road. She concluded her comments by stating that others "aren't following the rules of the road.... They put us all at risk."

It's our nature to point a finger at others. The apostle Paul talked about fellow teachers who avoid looking at their own behavior and instead attacked him (2 Cor. 10:12-18). He wrote, "They, measuring themselves by themselves,... are not wise" (v.12)

When we don't look at our own actions but instead compare ourselves with others, we often come out looking good. But, as Paul said, it;s the Lord's commendation that counts, not our own approval of ourselves (v.18). -- Anne Cetas

The faults I see in others' lives
Are often true of me;
So help me, Lord, to recognize
My own hypocrisy. -- Sper


source: Our Daily Bread (yr. 2009)

This book are really helpful in my everyday life. So I just wanna share this little teachings to you.. hope you appreciate it.. GOD BLESS YOU!! :)

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