I am a responsible Girl

My Body is the temple of God - not a plaything. I will not defy God's law by doing things outside of marriage. Virginity is still the virtue; lust is still a capital sin. I will be careful in the way I dress, speak or behave. I will observe modesty at all times. Being aware of life as a gift, and never right, in return, will be honor to my parents who brought me into this world, love me, and care for me. My boyfriend will be a husband and a father someday. I want him to be a good example for his wife and children. I will do anything to preserve our chastity and make sex a celebration of commitment in marriage, not a basis for conditional love. I want to be a wife or a mother. I will reserve my purity and affection for my husband and children. I am resolved and determined, in whatever circumstances, to uphold sexual purity and become a part in the preservation and care for life.

I believe that I am created in God's image, called to live a wholesome life. I believe that by respecting others, and myself, I give glory to God. I believe that I am called to live out the vision and values of Jesus.

Recognizing the "true love waits", strengthened with courage by the Holy Spirit, and supported by the christian community, I promise to live chastely, honoring the gift of my sexuality and avoiding sexual intercourse outside of marriage.

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