LOVE.. i'm inLOVE!! :)

- I was on trip yesterday, I am holding a pen then I wrote L-O-V-E in: flowers, leafs, rock, wall, a piece of straw, empty bottle, and in a empty container i think. :]

LOVE <3>



love <3>

Love.Love <33>

Love.Love.Love <333>

Love.Love.Love.Love <3333>

LOVE <3>


and LOVE.LOVE.LOVE <333 -- haha. :) just a trip guys. Actually I am in LOVE with this person.. TAMS.TAMS (my 1 year and 7 months boyfriend) .


TODAY STATUS: its complicated .. haaay~

Philosophical questions: Is it ethical to kill lives to save others?

For me, it is both YES and No, It is ethical in a way that you save one’s life whether you kill someone or not. It is better to kill someone who cause suffering to others than to see someone who suffers from those kind of person. And I do believe that if somebody died or if somebody was killed, it is their fate that brings them to it; it is the end of their life line. And even though they already gone, only the body was died, but their soul reaches their perfection (it is according to the Philosophy of man of Plato).

For Plato the body is material and the soul is immaterial. The body cannot live and move apart from the soul but the soul can exist apart from the body. So when the body was gone, the soul reaches their perfection, So there's nothing wrong if you save others by killing, that person is destined to die, you're just became an instrument of his/her fate. So it is ethical.

But, it is also not ethical in a way that “we don’t have any license to take somebody’s lives.” Only God have those rights to take one person’s life in order to save others who deserves to live more. No one has the right to kill others, and besides there’s another way to save lives.

-- how about you? it is ethical or not??

you should also owned one..

A group of friends is one of the basic groups of society. The man won’t live without society and the society won’t live without a man. Just like us, we won’t live without friends and also them, they won’t live without us. Even though we have different perspectives about Friendship, and we define it in different ways. To form a good friendship you must know these 3 things: ACCEPTANCE, TRUST, and LOYALTY.

You must accept all the things about them, trust everything and returned it to being loyal. This means that no matter what happen, you must accept the things they have done to you; you must know how to give and forgive, share your time and advices, and you must be a good influence to them.

If ever there’s what you call “MISTAKE” between you and one of your friend, you must know how to accept their apologize and if ever you are the one who have been done that mistake, you must set aside your pride and build again a good relations. You must trust them for keeping your secrets and they also do the same thing.

When you are sad, friends are one of the best shoulders to cry on. Friends are one of the best gift that God given to us. You won’t call it FRIENDS if both of you are not loyal at the same time. You must be a trust worthy person. So you must love, do a favor, do the same thing, accept each other, trust each other and be loyal to each other.

Be a nice FRIEND and you can also owned the same. :)

-- I do this assignment for one of Christal's friend. I don't know that person but I did this.. haha it is a good practice to me as a future writer. weeehh.. :P

today status: YE!!! ang sweet ni boyfriend kanina.. :) haha HAPPY?? exactly! :)


so much nervous..

At this moment I was sitting in front of the house of Tita Lhou. While typing this, I am so nervous about my best friend JENN (my bhesxie). She still not at home and her parents keep texting her and call her but still NO RESPONSE. I try to call her and I did! She said that She still with her new boyfriend "MIGUEL".. in this time?? it's already 10:19 and every one are worrying about her including ME. She said she will going to sleep at my house. HOPE SO! Coz I don't know what to do to her. I still keep on texting her. I am praying that she's at a good hand. Hayy~bhexsie..

FINALLY! papunta na daw..

tonight status: bhexsie uwi.. :(

meet my monkeys... :P

my first ever monkey.. from my one and only BHESXIE BEST JENN^^
her name is "JENY"

a letter from my bhexsie jenn..

this is "KAPO"
from my bes JV.. weehh..

and "MIGUEL"
from my bes JV again.. :D

-- THANK YOU so much bhesxie.. :P you touched my heart.. your the first one who gave monkey.. tnx so much..

-- Also special thanks to BES.. :D
nabigla ako.. aha

Today Status: so much inlove!! thanks for the monkey! haha :P

ili ili tulog anay

I found this video on youtube and it makes me laugh. lols! XD
this "ili ili tulog anay" is a Visayans lullaby, it was Filipino folk songs from Ilongo. I heard this song from the movie of ANGELICA PANGANIBAN which Her role is "WHITE LADY".



Ili-ili, tulog anay,
Wala diri imong Nanay,
Kadto tienda bakal papay,
Ili-ili, tulog anay

English Translation

Little one, little one, sleep now
Your mother is not here,
She went to buy some bread
Little one, little one, sleep now.

Anyways.. Here's some version of "ILI ILI TULOG ANAY" from the movie..

This is the version of "PAULEEN LUNA"


Which one do you like?
me the version of ANGELICA PANGANIBAN.. Coz her voice was so awesome and I like her "gagalgal voice".. haha Her voice matches the song. :)

TODAY STATUS: I'm hungry!!! huhuhu XD

new born baby girl..

born: Nov. 05, 2009
time: 9:10am

her eyes still close..

then.. finally! she open it!^^

I put a video.. but it takes only a second..
My tita Arlyn (friend of tita Lhou) delivered this child last day (nov. 05,09).. We visited her right after she gave birth to her first child HANNA LEAH.. I ask "sinung kamukha?" and she said: "Papa nia.." but I think, She's more look like her mommy; the nose, eyes, lips.. and even the shape of her face! waah!! bongga! :)

Anyway.. I propose to be a ninang (godmother).. I am so happy that tita Arlyn accept that! :)

Soon.. I'll be her Godmother.. so excited^^
but sad to say.. the only thing that I can give is "a gift of beauty!" like some other fairytale, I'll just be her closes Godmother.. or maybe her sidekick.. well..! haha..


I don't even have a job yet! haay.. :(

today status: happy!! :) but still confuse.. :(

a childhood sweet heart..

My MR.RAYT List... <3>
from him.. don't know the exact date..

2nd year time..
kung anu anung pinag susulat nia jan.. nag aasaran kame^^

His last letter before we broke up..

I treasure every single things about him..
even this piece of candy and paper..

I also draw him..
I already gave the exact drawing to him after we broke up..
this is only the photo copy of my drawing..

Valentines card (feb. 2006)..


I still kept all this stuff on my room.. not because I still want him but because I treasure all the memorize that we have been enjoy.

This time, I don't have any news about him..
Anyway.. MR. + RAY(mark) + T..
= Mr. Rayt^^

that's why.. Mr.rayt..

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