I've took this picture in Villa Alfredos Resort, located at Baliti San.Fernando Pampanga.
It was an awesome day! after sharing LOL with my Badangs, I've took some photographs of green-things in Alfredos. (nakakabana kase daming bulaklak) i know myself, i have been always fond catching some beauty of nature like: flowers, trees, insects (butterfly), all things connected with green *i am also a green minded. lols..

is it wrong to entitled this as "BEAUTY?" or is it more wrong if i'll entitle this as "DESTRUCTION?" I love seeing flowers with destructive things like musca demostica (housefly,bubuyog este langaw).

some of my photographs at that day! :)


And I also want to share this video. This is our first project in my subject "Introduction in Literature", a documentary film about the street children longing for new life. Try to watch it guys! (especially those Pinoys out there!)

Anyway i also have a new post here.. just Click~> Katotohanan sa Mundo ng Blog


happy weekends! much love! muah muah muah^^

DEAR MOM (a poem of the unborn child)

title: Dear Mom (a poem of the unborn child)
by: edxaii^^

Dear Mom,

How do you feel right now?

I was there, inside your womb
for about 2 moths and 3 days
its my 3rd month when i'm gone
but its a life-time-sin you done!

I was there, hearing your voice
calling my name, touching my face
i was there, when you let that lady
pushing me out, cutting our lace

I was there, don't you hear me?
saying "mom don't do this to me!"
why don't you let me heal?
why does you did this deal?

My life belongs to you
expecting that i can walk out and play
getting in school and going home
but now you put out my flame

now your tears running in your face
you choose to let me die, now that i'm gone you cry
now i'm here inside this bottle, sorry is all you can say
an unborn child like me, i'm just a victim of this case

but if in case, we meet in heaven
i will tell you the words that you take away in me
mom, "i love you and i miss you.."
you will always be my mom and i am your son forever

even though you don't love me at all..

Baby Nylde

----- I wrote this poem to remind you how hurt to be killed by our own parents.
And to remind you how happy to have your own children.
Our child is the greatest gift that God can give to us.
They can be our purpose in life.

and i also wrote this poem to thank my mom for giving me a wonderful life that i have been experiencing right now, i thank her because even she is underage when i was inside of her womb, she still give me a chance to live, to laugh, and to love. i love you mom.. and i miss you so much. :(


Last thing, Abortion is one of the problem that we can't control. It is illegal or banned to have an abortion here in Philippines. Under Articles 256, 258 and 259 of the Code mandate imprisonment for the woman who undergoes the abortion, as well as for any person who assists in the procedure, even if they be the woman's parents, a physician or midwife.
The woman who undergoes the abortion further impose in higher prison term.
Under this law, many of us still keep on doing this thing.

Daig pa ng mga ABORTIONISTA ang mga hired killer!
Ang mga hired killer pumapatay dahil may nagpapapatay, pero kadalasan yung mga pinapatay nila eh yung may mga atraso o kung hindi naman eh yung mga nakatikim na ng buhay dito sa mundo. Pero ang mga ABORTIONISTA, pumapatay sila ng mga batang walang kalaban laban. (Pero dibale, kung walang nagpapaabort walang abortionist pero kung walang abortionist wala rin naman mag papa-abort!)

For me, its not ethical to kill your own child for the sake of your dignity. In taking abortion you are just giving your self a life-long-pain and sin. If ever i'll get pregnant (pero sana huag naman..), i will never ever take the abortion as a solution. Rather, i'll fight for my child! If i had to choose between my family and my child, i rather choose my child.

Children is a gift of God. We should love them and take care of them. We don't have any rights to take their lives because we're not the one who give a life to them. Give them a chance to live and choose the life that they want to have.


note: hi blogger friends! :) i miss you guys..
its been a week since my last post posted, am i right? hehe

have a nice day guys! i love you all.. muah muah muah :)

they should be my honey bee but . . .

Its already 4:58am but i'm still awake. My class start 7:00 in the morning. haay~ bangag na naman nian..

anyway.. the drawing from the top is actually my work^^
yeah! i did that! haha

Since i did not sleep.. a childhood memory flashback in my head.
I had a funny story from the past yet it was a painful lesson to me.

When I was 6 years old, every weekends.. me and my "yagits friends" (childhood friends) always have a MI (mission impossible).
There's one thing that make our day completed, guess what it is?

hunting a HONEY BEE!! yeah~

there was a day that me and my childhood friends seated upon the flapform of our barangay with our bubuyog (bee). However, my bubuyog escaped from the bottle. Since i'm quite boastful at that time, i wanna prove that i can catch it right away. Moreover, what i did is, i did catch it using my hand! all my friends was amazed, they clapping their hand. I was so proud naman! haha

nevertheless, they did not know that my hand getting huge! waah~ i know that the teeth of the bee did that! huhu then i've started to cry.

"hindi-naman-masaket-eh!".. "umiiyak-na-sya-ahh
h~".. "hindi-naman-ako-umiiyak-eh~huhu~".. "iyakin-iyakin~".. "susumbong-ko-kayo-sa-papa-ko~huhuhu~".. haha that's was a funny scene, every time it flashed back.. i can't stop but i always lol. haha

Before, i believe that the essence of honey bee is to sweeten the honey. But then, i realized that the real essence of honeybee is to make me realized that "in order to get something, we have to give more effort to it". sometimes, there's a certain thing that we cannot get in just one click! we have to give more effort to pursue it! or else we should face the sequences.. We have to be more patient, coz nothing is easy but yes! nothing is hard also. But we have to give more effort! give our best! :)



Btw... this picture was taken when i was 6months old. i am so cute right? grrr~ hehe
I will miss her~ actually, i missing her na.. :( i had to be more mature now na umalis na naman sya, so makakapagwala na naman ako nian! haha~ congrats me! lol.


Since, i did not sleep.. i am late in my first subject!
Philosophy of man! one of my favorite subject.. huhu
Mr.Punctually did not allow me to enter the room, im just late for about a couple of minute.. 2mins. to be exact! haay~ i hate him!

Btw.. i've met "Lisel" she's also late..
there's a few things we talked about^^ she also like the course MASS COMM but her mom did not allowed her to take it. rather, her mom forced her to take the course Information Technology or simply called IT.. well, she is also a fan of photography. She like taking a photo.. :)
waah~ i met so many people fond of photography. weeh~bungga! haha


Since, i did not sleep..
at HOME~~~ grrr.... tulog~ tulog~ tulog~ (sleep.. sleep.. sleep..)

ahhh!!! i forgot to send the project of Christal to Robin! weeh~patay! i have to stop typing this post first!

wait-a-minute! :)

okay i'm back! haha

i also have class in the afternoon. 4:30pm.. its already 3:00pm.. i have to take a bath na! :)



am i look ugly?? haha i did not sleep eh.. T.T
on the way to school. goodluck to me,, hehe


note: hello blogger friends! is it my new templates is cute or not?
or should i have to bring back my old templates? waah~ help me! i don't know what to do! huhu

btw.. have a nice day to all! keep on rocking!! yeah! haha

i'll comment back after a school.. LOVE YOU ALL! muah muah muha :)

The Lucky Chinese Tag: Eminent Eight

Flickr Photostream of benoist try to visit his flickr page^^

anyway.. this "lucky chinese tag: eminent eight" is from DEV actually.. i'm not really tagged in this Eminent Eight.

I just read the post and at the end of it there's the last note from DEV

here is the note:
I know I have missed out on a lot of people and now am having second thoughts ..about tagging I request anyone who reads the post is tagged and its obligatory for him/her to answer this tag..

Since i love good lucks and lucky charm.. i like this tag! i like grabbing it! yeah! lol. :P

i will start answering now, good luck to me, hope i can done this for a short time.. haha

2. Peporters NoteBook
3. NGC: Monkey Thieves
4. Crime Investigation
5. MC: Mellow Myx
6. HBO movies
7. STAR Cinema
8. Shining Inheritance

1. my ROOM^^ - so that i can eat alone.. walang istorbo! lol.
2. PARK - i can seat and relax
3. KUSINA - kitchen room: i love the "lutong bahay" dishes
4. CARINDERIA - filipino eatery: i love Filipino foods so much! it makes me feel the essence of being real PINOY
5. inside the JEEPNEY - i love eating inside the jeep while traveling, i can smell the fresh air outside the window and also the aroma of what am i eating (whatever it is!)
6. Cottage - tambayan with friends^^
7. Red Ribbon! - their CAKES flavors are really cool! hmmm~saraps..
8. Jolibee - Child's favorite fast food chain :)

1. having my own business
2. Dean lister? lol
3. BLOG updates
4. holidays and fun
5. visits my LOLO and LOLA
6. taking some voice lesson
7. friends reunion
8. traveling with Glenn

1. My mom's birthday celebration
2. no class on my first subject
3. i had so much fun with my GENSOC subject, i like the topic! yeah!
4. Reporting in FILBAS subject with just a few listeners. haha good for me^^
5. i saw my ex with his group of friends
6. BAD TRIP on my last subject
7. i meet my old high school classmate, we've talked about the past high school life
8. i had so much fun with Glenn, so much happy^^

1. winter means giving HUG
2. the hot soup to warm us
3. electric saver
4. the fog in the morning
5. sleeping season! yeah!
6. i can wear my favorite clothes
7. sharing blanket and jackets
8. bring my umbrella

1. a bunchy MONKEY stuff
2. lost my weight
3. own a 5'2 height
4. learn to sing
5. business
6. vacation
7. new cellphone
8. new iPOD

8. ICE CREAM! yeah!

3. its okay!
4. Whatever
5. Yup
6. Amfufu
7. such a loser!
8. ingats (take care)

1. always put God first!
2. Choose always the right one not the better one
2. If you think its right don't hesitate to do it!
3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
4. Learn to let go
5. don't waste your time: "STUDY HARD"
6. relationship ends if your loyalty's breaks!
7. always believe that you can
8. don't think twice!

1. first on my list~ MANAOAG CHURCH
2. green belt
3. forth Santiago
4. Manila Bay
5. 100 islands
6. Bohol
7. Vigan! yeah~
8. last on my list~ Puerto Prinsesa

1. find the Baller (need to bring it back to JV) nawawala eh..
2. bring back my figure!
3. my nail art :( hope my tita will continue it..
4. i wanna post something but i'm quite lazy
5. reborn my hair
6. i wanna call Glenn but i don't have enough load
7. i wanna watch the "HEAVEN IS SO REAL"
8. i wanna start our family video but its quite difficult for me to start the video bec. of my busy schedule

1. Sheri Amor
Abby Kihano
Henry Lee
Miss K. You

yes! i'm done! its hard for me to complete this post.. coz i'm too lazy today.. i've started typing this post around 8am then i stop then resume for about a couple of hour then stop again and resume again on typing at this time.. tsk! glad that i've finally completed this!

Hope you guys have your luckiest year this 2010! may God always guide you whatever your plan is..


a piece of me game: JANUARY

this game is hosted by TOOTHFAIRY^^

here is my a piece of me for the month of JANUARY :)

i like: this first month of 2010.. a month of our Uni-Days! 3-day holiday and fun.. so much excited for the incoming U-days. (its a bonding time for all my friendship buddies!) yehh!

i don't like: my busy schedule in school.. waah!!! full of activities-reporting-editing-assignments-etc.churva! T.T i hate school-days this month.. :( and next week my mom will go back in Hanoi Vietnam to continue her job. i will miss her for sure! :(

i want you to know: that i'm a deep desperada bloggerista this month (i'm desperate to have a bunchies followers!) my goal this month is to complete the 50 followers of HEART of MIND! but not sure if i can do that.. coz i had realized that i've owned a NON-sense blog.! i think.
[you can help me if you want!! :) follow my blog please! haha]

i've planned: to write a one short story.. just one not two glasses a month.. lol.

i want to say to someone special: tams, hope this month we can set our date in a park, a green-like-place so that we can relax and bond silently and peacefully. can you grant that? XD

that's it! :P

want this game? join anytime you want!
note from the toothfairy


blogireadalot award.. :)

I received this "blogiREADalot" award from ate SHERI AMOUR..
thanks ate Sheri.. :)

The rules of the award is to pass it to 10 blogs that you read frequently.

I tag this award to..

1. jenn (bhesxie)
2. henry
3. abby
4. kay
5. misskyou
6. ayako
7. david
8. derrick
9. miss. toothfairy :)
10. krissy

that's it! :)

-- i also received this HUMANE award from ate SHERI AMOUR again..

I received this award last year, and that time I don't have enough time to pass this award..
i'ts too late i know to post this one..

so right now i intend not to pass this award to any one, since i also want to pass it back to ate SHERI.. who always deserve to receives an award like this again and again.. :)

btw.. i just wanna THANK her nalang.. XD

GROW OLD WITH YOU (tagalog version) lyrics and the wedding singer "grow old with you scene"


itong awiting ito
ay alay sayo
sintonado man tong mga pangako sayo
ang gusto ko lamang
makasama kang tumanda

patatawanin kita pag hindi ka masaya
bubuhatin kita pag rinayuma ka na
oh kay sarap isiping kasama kang tumanda

ibibili ng balot pag mahina na ang tuhod
ikukuha ng gamot pag sumakit ang likod
oh kay sarap isiping kasama kang tumanda

sasamahan kahit kailan man
mahigit kumulang ‘di mabilang
tatlumpung araw sa isang buwan
umabot man tayo sa three-thousand one

magmukha mang bruha pag gising sa umaga
pupunasan ko pa ang muta mo sa mata
oh kay sarap isipin kasama kang tumanda

paglalaba pa kita
matapos mamalantsya
kahit abut-abutin man ako ng pasma
oh kay sarap isiping kasama kang tumanda

sasamahan kahit kailan man
mahigit kumulang ‘di mabilang
tatlumput araw sa isang buwan
umabot man tayo sa three-thousand one

labs na labs parin kita
kahit bungi-bungi ka na
para sakin ikaw parin ang pinaka maganda
oh kay sarap isiping kasama kang tumanda

at nangangako sayo’ng
pag sinagot mo’ng oo
iaalay sayo buong puso ko
sumangayon ka lamang
kasama kang tumanda

-- this song is taken in the movie "MY ONLY U!"
starring Toni Gonzaga and Vhong Navarro.


I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
Oh all I wanna do is grow old with you

I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches
Build you a fire if the furnace breaks
Oh it could be so nice, growing old with you

I'll miss you
Kiss you
Give you my coat when you are cold

Need you
Feed you
Even let ya hold the remote control

So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink
Put you to bed when you've had too much to drink
I could be the man who grows old with you
I wanna grow old with you

-- The original song "GROW OLD WITH YOU"
was taken in the movie..

"the wedding singer"

there is one scene in the movie that
Adam Sandler wrote this song and dedicate this to Drew Barrymore
inside the airplane going to Las Vegas, in front of many passengers.
To stop the wedding of Drew Barrymore to her fiance Glenn.

here is the scene :)

i am so much in love with this song!! :)
hope someday someone will also surprise me
like Adam Sandler did..
not my boyfriend because he is not sweet ever since..
CORNY daw yung ganun.. huhu
anyway.. I also love ADAM!! he is so CUTE! XD

am i right? right? :)


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