dad, dad, where did i come from?

An innocent child used to ask a unanswerable questions like "dad where did i come from?", the parents wont say "you come from your mother's womb" then a child would ask another question "how did i come from my mother's womb?" and a dad won't answer it "because your mom and i had sex and the sperms of mine meet the egg cells of your mom", it is awkward and inappropriate to a parents to talk about sex with their children, especially at the younger age around 5 years old.

Papa, Papa, Paano ako ginawa?
By: Howie Severino

Papa, Papa, Paano ako ginawa, part 2
Papa, Papa, Paano ako ginawa, part 3
Papa, Papa, Paano ako ginawa, part 4

The documentary of Howie Severino’s “Papa, Papa, Paano ako ginawa?” is one of the best documentary films of "iwitness" of GMA7. The documentary shows some fact about the family livelihood.

The family would not be called as family if there were no Father or mother to act as the guider of their children. The family plays an important role and has special responsibility in the socialization of a child.
In this documentary, Howie Severino shows the ignorant mind of a child regards sex, making, or building a family. However, some of them are open-minded about sex but most of them are not.

The human infant is born helpless and without a sense of self and the parents is the one who should fulfill the needs of infant. Around 3 years old the child starting asking or realizing about his/her gender. They started playing games that fitted their gender and the peer group replaced the role of the family’s role in socialization, as the child grows older.

In documentary, Alon has a peer group composed of more boys and fewer girls, but now Alon do not want to play anymore with girls. Howie does not have any idea where his son gets some of his attitude. It is because the peer group replaces their role.

After the peer group, Being on school is one of the helpful stage of a child development. School is a formal agency for weaning children from home and introducing them into the society. Children learn the history, geography and politics of their country and are socialize into the norms, beliefs, values, and customs of the larger society. The schools are responsible for inculcating knowledge and skills that prepare them for adulthood and become productive and effective citizens of the country.

In documentary shows some learning institution, the community of learning is a school that teaches some sensitive topic to their class. Feny Delos Angeles-Bautista is co-founder of the community of learners and she is professional in a field of child development. She talks frankly about sex to the children. According to her, the parents should start answering the right answer whenever their children ask them about sensitive topic like when, where, how they become a human. She encourages the parents to be open to the children to feel; it is okay to ask, it is okay to show, and it is okay to “usisa”. However, in our society, it is still awkward to other to talk about sex.

Moreover, In our society now a day, it is normal to hear if the young teenager is pregnant. In Malabon Philippines, there is particular place called “Paradise” that many teenagers are pregnant. Some child is still ignorant regards sex. Some parents believe that it is not right to talk about sex inside the house and the school is responsible to teach their pupils about reproductive system. According to Aling Lina (a kagawad and health worker in Paradise), it is not only the young pregnant she often see. Monthly, it is not less than ten teenagers had STD or tulo. Both male and female can have STD but females are afraid to consult about their STD.

In Malabon Philippines, they call their prostitute as “Babaeng Tanod”. This shows the Filipino values of uplifting one’s state in life. This can be considered as a positive value, but if she “sells” her body so that she could earn double and thereby sacrificing her morality, then the original value is lost.

Aling Lina gives advice to some teenager about their private life. She also teaches some teenager about contraceptives like using condoms. She is using a model of male sex organ and she shows how to use the condom. It is more advisable to teach with a model of male sex organ. There are some instances before they just show it using the finger, then some couple thought that it is for fingers not for the male sex organ. However, some sectors do not approve the use of contraceptives like condom. Nevertheless, the number of young pregnancy and STD are both increasing.

Some other individual does not know how they get pregnant. Kiko and Aling Lina both the same in their goal to teach and to open the eyes of some children particularly the teenager regards sex. In documentary of Howie Severino, shows the discussions about sex and contraceptives. They show some symptoms of STD by using pictures. Then they teach the proper way in using the condoms. If ever the child cannot control their feelings, they can use condoms to prevent diseases (STD) and to prevent the earlier pregnancy.

Moreover, there are social conflicts between churches and some individuals if it is right to teach in a school regards sex. The churches believe that it is not right to teach it in a public, the parents are the one who is responsible about this thing. However, some individual like Feny and Kiko believes that it is okay to teach it in a public like school. So we cannot control the conflicts regarding this matter.

The RH Bill no. 5043 was passed, this Act shall be known as the “Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008“.The State upholds and promotes responsible parenthood, informed choice, birth spacing and respect for life in conformity with internationally recognized human rights standards. If you still remember, at the year 2008 this act was pass and some schools starting teaches about family planning. However, the churches disapprove this act. According to Atty. Jo Imbong (attorney of CBCP), this act is a child abuse in a highest order. Nevertheless, not all priests are disapproving about this act. According to Fr. Eric Genilo, this act is a part of information of the conscience of people and if it done right, done properly, according to respectful religious tradition of a person being thought then it is something to a human development and be able to make a decision. This issue creates a social conflict between churches and some individuals until now.
According to Kiko, It is hard to have a big number of families that you do not ever have plan.

According to Howie Severino’s documentary, those who pregnant in a early year, those who have STD and other diseases, those young people who sex without protection did not reach the right information and enough service. For others it is not yet late but they just few.

Even there is no law; there are still the last people to lean on. They are the first one you leaned and still the last one you can lean on. They are your parents and they always ready for you. In all agency of socialization, the family is still the best developer of a one individual, which is one of the reasons why Filipino people value so much their family. They are family oriented.

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