Delicious is a Discovery! :P

Hi blogger friends! :)


oh my God! i'm so happy! hehe


I was so busy this past few months working at Greenwich. At first, I do not even think that I can do the task that they have given to me during our training. Maybe, there is a reason why God gave that job to me. Well, I think so! I have learned a lot and gained many valuable things at that company. Now, that I have to go back on school I have to drop the things that already attached my heart – GREENWICH.

"At GREENWICH every guest is a friend, and each visit is a time to discover, delight and bond!"

this is one of the things that i will never forget about Greenwich. Unlike the other fast food chain, at Greenwich every guest is a friend and they respect them as if they always right.. well, costumer is always right! yeah.. always right!

and don't forget to smile^^
its a key to success!

I also met a new friends and a new man i think! hehe but i don't wanna talk about that guy.. he's so irresistible and i wouldn't know what to do about him. sigh!*

all i can say is~ Greenwich added a new toppings in my life -- overloaded learning and happiness! :)


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haay! hope i can go back to work after school, but my schedule is so conflict!
wooh~ 4 days before the class begin.. slow down please.. i'm not yet ready! haaay~ i'm not yet ready..

But i'm excited! hehe but still not yet ready :(


*a message for my blogger friends*

Dear, blogger friends

from now on i promise that i would keep my blog alive! yeah!

and also promise to be updated in every post that you posted.hehe
i miss you all! especially ate SHERI and KAY..

4 Response to "Delicious is a Discovery! :P"

  1. ♥ Chocolate lover ♥ Says:

    heyaaaaaaaa!!! ^___^

    welcome back xD
    missed you really T.T

    good to see you back! ^-^

  2. sheri amor Says:

    aw.. i miss you too my dear.. ang sweet mo naman!! tsk!! btw.. you work in greenwich? san yan?!! mapuntahan nga hehe XD aw.. i miss blogging too :P .. thanks for your advice sakin regarding my bf ha?

  3. sheri amor Says:

    post more pics regards to jenny.. she haven't been blogging lately

  4. penelope Says: your blog .. nice little place u have in here ....

    good job .. ! :)

    do visit my blog sometime .. !

    p.s m o ur friends list

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