i have blog in friendster.
so i decided to copy all my post.
haha bongga! :)

this is the 1st one:

title: MOVE ON?
by: edsaii

i used to think of you and me
when i’m alone, hopin’ you’ll call me
but there is no sign, still
i always dreaming, dreaming you and me

after that night, here you are
asking if i’m alright
after that night, now my tears runs dry
but i’m still waking alive

i dont need you now
coz’ i finally make it
i cant love you now
coz i know you cant be
i dont need you now
coz today, i can live without you
i dont need you..
i dont..
i dont..
coz finally, i move on..
bla bla bla..

i dedicate this song before
for my mr.rayt [balat]

ginawa ko yan dati pa.
kaya nakalimutan ko na tuloy yung
tono nian.

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