– Lezt

you mean everything to me
still you managed to leave.
didn’t you hear me when i pleaded stay?
or was it the rain which poured hard that day?

why does it have to be like this?
pain reasons my lonesome blizz
this yearning get stronger
every seconds seems to be longer

you always say words aren’t important
are this tears not significant?
can you please atleast be near?
its hard to breathe with all of this fear

now your so far away
am i that late this day?
spare me this last dances
pare my life this last chance

i rather choose to die
than to resume a life of lie
i rather dream my nightmare for eternity
than to live without you in serenity

– hahaha.lam niu ba yan?di nuh?gawa yan ni lezt.kaclan ko dati.tsk.tsk!

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