defeated by emotions..

lying down in my bed
with defeated feelings of my head
downs by a broken wings
a heart wrapped by tears

my soul's steals by emotions
a life tripped by the holes
a eyes blinded by cheats
and a mouth zipped by fears

i become despaired of all trials
with unfaithfulness of the best liars
turn my optimistic self to loses heads
with my sorrows that cannot hide itself

my heart's full of regrets
with every drop of my tears in bed
today i'm losing my way to heal
my smile loses its ability to conceal

i'm now defeated by my emotions
drifting away from the people i need
burn my self with this feeling!
and i don't know which way to go
stocked with this holes
without any rope to bring me up to home

defeated by emotions..


4 Response to "defeated by emotions.."

  1. Arvin U. de la Peña Says:

    huwag ka patatalo sa emosyon..nice..

  2. sheri amor Says:

    how are you dear

  3. jhengpot Says:

    ang cute, ang ganda.
    samahan pa ng nakakaantig na background music.
    nice one ate!

  4. Anonymous Says:


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