first day of class.. so excited!

Hi blogger friends!^^

tomorrow is the day! yeah!
first day of class! i'm so excited to see my old classmates and also those freshmen and shifters! :) hope dumami na ang Mass Communication student as well as the whole CASED in Holy Angel University.

Actually, Last semester we were so few and often time some of the freshmen student shifted their course in other department. Hope this semester, will increase the no. of the CASED (College of Art, Science and Education) students.

BTW, we also have a new building! yehey! :) bongga! XD

tomorrow, after my class i will take a picture of SJH building which is our new building for you to see it. :) but actually, its for CASED and CICT students. hating kapatid na naman!

BTW. for those pinoy blogger.. please check out my recent post @ Kalesa ni Juan.. Nasaan na nga ba?

ohsya~ bbye for a while.. :)

TC blogger pips! I LOVE YOU ALL^^

5 Response to "first day of class.. so excited!"

  1. HenRy LeE ® Says:

    study well my dear! :D

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Arvin U. de la Peña Says:

    mag aral ka mabuti..

  4. penelope Says:

    haah.... this is soo good .. ican feel the emotions really does convey despair..

    take care and happy blogging. !

  5. viddhi Says:

    loved the emotion u potray ... good work ! :)

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