making desicions..

Making decisions in our life is not easy, especially at the teenage years. There are so many obstacles around you. So many influences will always stick on you; it’s either good or bad. It's your choice if you will do your best or do the worst.

Like the other... I also have my own decisions.


this three things are the most important things for me. I always find myself looking at the window, thinking about my life. Then, I woke up this morning and the first thing comes on my mind is that... "What should I do for tomorrow, for another day and for the rest of my life?" Do I really need to stock up myself to the things that happening now?

I really love GOD... He is the center of my life. Without him, I am nothing. This pass few days, I forgot to consult my personal problem to him. I forgot that God always on my side. I forgot that he just waiting for me to tell all the truth. I forgot that no matter happen the one who I really need is GOD. I forgot it… and I hate myself for that.

For now on:

- Before I do some choices or decision... I need God's permission.

LOVE is one of the things important to me, particularly my FAMILY, FRIENDS, and LOVE ONE. Because of some mistake I've been done. I lost the trust of some important family member of me, especially my mom. I also lost the trust of the person who I used to love before (but it’s not mean that I don’t love him anymore. It’s not that, okay?) Because of my mistake I need to give up something.

I decided to..

- Obey my mom. (Even if, she never say anything, I know she want me to evade something.)
- Avoid them (Glenn and Dexter) hope they'll understand my decision. It's not easy for me to do this, But I need eh.. so sorry nalang talaga..
- Study hard is still the key to success! so study hard nalang edz! fight! fight! hihi..

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