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It's possible that you will find some friends unreliable, Taurus. Many of them are really "fair-weather friends", and today they will show you their true colors. There could be a notice of legal actions, or one could be going on and at a climactic point these days. As long as you are on the defensive side, things should be fine. Right now it is difficult to succeed in any aggressive legal action, so the best thing to do is to delay the proceedings, and if you can't, have faith that things will work out for the best.

just got read my horoscope this night.. it's pretty late to read this..
well, i'm a solid fan of everyday horoscope and i think my horoscope today is pretty factual? haha

in reality..
a while ago.. while i'm cleaning my room, one of my friend texted me...
she said: "badang, punta kame jan nuh. sabihin mu mag swi-swimming tayo, minsan lang to kasama natin c ****.. cge na badang minsan lang to"

i'm not exactly sure to what i wrote... lol :P kase nabura ko na yung text..
but i'm pretty sure to what i had understand kanina.
So i'm so exited bec. they did not forget me..
(actually, there's a little bit heart-feeling for them)
di nila ko niyayaya.. kaya may tampo :(

then.. after i texted back..
"cge badang, w8 ko nalang kau dito"

she reps:
"cge badang, uag nalng"

hhaha so funny!!
umasa pamo ko.. it's okay, i think?

then.. she ask me to text her mom and
lie that "she's with me and she wont drink beer"

they just want to go here so that, she could convince her mom
that she's with me..

i think the horoscope is right..
some of my friend revealed their real color today.. :P
probably? it hurts.
but why do i need to push myself to them? if they dont want me to go diba?
i'm not a pushcart naman.. lol.
but she's still my friend.. that's why its OKAY...

anyways.. its really okay because if they do want me to go
with them.. i wont.. bec. i'm soooo lazy today! :{

today status: waiting for santa?? hha nope, i'm the little santa today~ :P i just wrapped my gifts for my friends.. hope they like it! :)

3 Response to "today horoscope"

  1. Miss K. You Says:

    Hey girl, thanks for the holiday wishes! I used to follow horoscopes many years back but they did not always work for me :p it's ok, just don't expect too much from them! Take care and have a happy new year!!

  2. wong kangen Says:

    wow you are beautiful and sexy visit to my house

  3. Anonymous Says:

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