a yearly resolution..

Writing a new year resolution is normal.
Ever since, I have learn to write my new year resolution before the year is end.
Usually, I wrote my new year resolution in my diary but since I've started
blogging, I want to share it.. XD

This year.. There's a lot of things that i want
to achieve.. hope i can^^

2010 new year resolution:

God first
list of monthly golden goal
Healthy lifestyle:
healthy diet
correct exercise
exercise my reading habit
recitation inside classroom
no more late and absences
improve my speech and vocabulary (spelling and grammar)
practice my course: hosting and photography
Achieve what i really want:
voice lesson
be active in school organization
join any contest that fitted my personality and talent
save MONEY:
small business
own account
self improvement:
avoid being childish
be matured
SMILE always
avoid bad influence..

that's it! :D


2 Response to "a yearly resolution.."

  1. sheri amor Says:

    i intend not to have a new year s reso this year.. since they never come true :P hehe :P di ko talaga magawa.. pero good for you kc tingin ko magagwa mo un :)

  2. edxaii Says:

    hope so ate.. sana nga.. haha :P

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