new 'monkey' collection :)

i bought this t-shirt with monkey design front and back.
I was so happy when i saw the design, it was monkey which is my collection.
i just bought the t-shirt in very cheap price, 30.00 php in tiangue.
don't know where will i put this t-shirt that's why i made it like this..
"CANDY" :)



front: "don't burst my bubbles"
back: "TOLD YOU!"
-- Bobby Jack

this one is nice..
the price is 75.oo php
it has paper handler (you can put a message) and
when you pull the head.. you'll see the ballpen beyond of it.. :P

price: 40.00 php
usually you can see this graphics in web like

this is the cheapest one..
the price? 10.00 php :P
(cellphone accessories)

i am year of the monkey :P
my birth year? ~1992

the yellow monkey is one of the cheapest,
i also bought it for only 10.00 php
then the other one?
i bought it for only 40.00 php

this is my first ever monkey stuff :)
my mouse pad.. :P
price: 25.00 php

my monkey backpack :)
price: 199.99 php

tonight status: cant sleep! :(

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  1. Abby Kihano Says:


    and i love your song

    and i love the bloglift!!! NICE!!! i love your site right now!!! ^_^

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