LOVE.. i'm inLOVE!! :)

- I was on trip yesterday, I am holding a pen then I wrote L-O-V-E in: flowers, leafs, rock, wall, a piece of straw, empty bottle, and in a empty container i think. :]

LOVE <3>



love <3>

Love.Love <33>

Love.Love.Love <333>

Love.Love.Love.Love <3333>

LOVE <3>


and LOVE.LOVE.LOVE <333 -- haha. :) just a trip guys. Actually I am in LOVE with this person.. TAMS.TAMS (my 1 year and 7 months boyfriend) .


TODAY STATUS: its complicated .. haaay~

4 Response to "LOVE.. i'm inLOVE!! :)"

  1. Abby Kihano Says:

    oh gosh! i've only been with my bf for about two weeks and i feel crazy! how do you people last that long!? LOL!

    anyway, i gotta love that word: love :]

  2. f1trey Says:

    Good for you!! Thanks for commenting on my blog!! :)

    I would love to put a chat box up but I cant!!!! :( my work computer wont let me!

  3. H. Says:

    is so good fell in love !!
    thanks to follow my blog !
    have a great week.

  4. acutelife Says:

    lolz...that's a good activity scribbling that word as long as not in a public wall or you might get into trouble XD
    thanks for following, im a follower too ;)

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