blogireadalot award.. :)

I received this "blogiREADalot" award from ate SHERI AMOUR..
thanks ate Sheri.. :)

The rules of the award is to pass it to 10 blogs that you read frequently.

I tag this award to..

1. jenn (bhesxie)
2. henry
3. abby
4. kay
5. misskyou
6. ayako
7. david
8. derrick
9. miss. toothfairy :)
10. krissy

that's it! :)

-- i also received this HUMANE award from ate SHERI AMOUR again..

I received this award last year, and that time I don't have enough time to pass this award..
i'ts too late i know to post this one..

so right now i intend not to pass this award to any one, since i also want to pass it back to ate SHERI.. who always deserve to receives an award like this again and again.. :)

btw.. i just wanna THANK her nalang.. XD

3 Response to "blogireadalot award.. :)"

  1. i'm Ms. Ayako Ong Says:

    thank you dear for the award. I am just starting blogging. hope we can be friends?? follow back for more details about me.

  2. Miss K. You Says:

    Hey, Wow I didn't know you tagged me.. :) thank you sweetie, I will mention you in my blog! have a lovely week~

  3. *~kAy~* Says:

    aww thanks so much for taking me! <3
    This tag seems like a fun one ;)

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