they should be my honey bee but . . .

Its already 4:58am but i'm still awake. My class start 7:00 in the morning. haay~ bangag na naman nian..

anyway.. the drawing from the top is actually my work^^
yeah! i did that! haha

Since i did not sleep.. a childhood memory flashback in my head.
I had a funny story from the past yet it was a painful lesson to me.

When I was 6 years old, every weekends.. me and my "yagits friends" (childhood friends) always have a MI (mission impossible).
There's one thing that make our day completed, guess what it is?

hunting a HONEY BEE!! yeah~

there was a day that me and my childhood friends seated upon the flapform of our barangay with our bubuyog (bee). However, my bubuyog escaped from the bottle. Since i'm quite boastful at that time, i wanna prove that i can catch it right away. Moreover, what i did is, i did catch it using my hand! all my friends was amazed, they clapping their hand. I was so proud naman! haha

nevertheless, they did not know that my hand getting huge! waah~ i know that the teeth of the bee did that! huhu then i've started to cry.

"hindi-naman-masaket-eh!".. "umiiyak-na-sya-ahh
h~".. "hindi-naman-ako-umiiyak-eh~huhu~".. "iyakin-iyakin~".. "susumbong-ko-kayo-sa-papa-ko~huhuhu~".. haha that's was a funny scene, every time it flashed back.. i can't stop but i always lol. haha

Before, i believe that the essence of honey bee is to sweeten the honey. But then, i realized that the real essence of honeybee is to make me realized that "in order to get something, we have to give more effort to it". sometimes, there's a certain thing that we cannot get in just one click! we have to give more effort to pursue it! or else we should face the sequences.. We have to be more patient, coz nothing is easy but yes! nothing is hard also. But we have to give more effort! give our best! :)



Btw... this picture was taken when i was 6months old. i am so cute right? grrr~ hehe
I will miss her~ actually, i missing her na.. :( i had to be more mature now na umalis na naman sya, so makakapagwala na naman ako nian! haha~ congrats me! lol.


Since, i did not sleep.. i am late in my first subject!
Philosophy of man! one of my favorite subject.. huhu
Mr.Punctually did not allow me to enter the room, im just late for about a couple of minute.. 2mins. to be exact! haay~ i hate him!

Btw.. i've met "Lisel" she's also late..
there's a few things we talked about^^ she also like the course MASS COMM but her mom did not allowed her to take it. rather, her mom forced her to take the course Information Technology or simply called IT.. well, she is also a fan of photography. She like taking a photo.. :)
waah~ i met so many people fond of photography. weeh~bungga! haha


Since, i did not sleep..
at HOME~~~ grrr.... tulog~ tulog~ tulog~ (sleep.. sleep.. sleep..)

ahhh!!! i forgot to send the project of Christal to Robin! weeh~patay! i have to stop typing this post first!

wait-a-minute! :)

okay i'm back! haha

i also have class in the afternoon. 4:30pm.. its already 3:00pm.. i have to take a bath na! :)



am i look ugly?? haha i did not sleep eh.. T.T
on the way to school. goodluck to me,, hehe


note: hello blogger friends! is it my new templates is cute or not?
or should i have to bring back my old templates? waah~ help me! i don't know what to do! huhu

btw.. have a nice day to all! keep on rocking!! yeah! haha

i'll comment back after a school.. LOVE YOU ALL! muah muah muha :)

13 Response to "they should be my honey bee but . . ."

  1. Anonymous Says:

    haha mayabang ka kasi eh! nakakatawa naman un. tomboy^^ ka kase eh kaya di mu maalis pagkaboyish and pagkamayabang mu. wahahaha psst.. hulaan mu nalan kung sino ko. hahahaah

  2. DayDreamer Says:

    Hey Edaxii!!

    Can relate to this not being able to sleep syndrome...

    I have spend countless nights counting "sheep" without any success..

    I liked the morale of your childhood story..

    Like the new template..of your blog..


  3. Golden Says:

    Hi dear. Thanks for following my blog. LOL at the honey bee. :)

    Lots of love,

  4. sheri amor Says:

    no you hould keep ur new layout.. it's cute :)

  5. ☆Ths[Schrei]☆ Says:

    hey! u look nice in the picx..^_^ and it must have been real fun to catch a honey-bee.. and u really proved them wrong.. by catching it!^_^
    i'm still scared today to catch a honey-bee today and i sure i was then too!^_^

  6. Glenn Kun Says:

    tomboy ka daw? ^^. delete mo comment nya kung naooffend ka. nice post. cute ng kwento at drawing. wahahah

  7. *~kAy~* Says:

    I'm scared of bees! :P I got stung 3 times! >.< All very painful experiences!
    Aw, I love your baby picture with your mom. Looks very cute! <3

    Even though you didn't sleep much, you still look good! :P I always have major panda eyes whenever I don't sleep >.< its very obvious haha :P

  8. edxaii Says:

    anonymous- jenn is that you?

    day dreamer- thank you. :) you are just wasting your time in counting a sheep.. coz its really useless.

    Golden- your welcome ate^^

    sheri- ehe buti naman cute:) sa tutuo lang, nang dahil sa layout na toh kaia d aqh nkatulog.

    Ths Schrei- yeah.. it was so fun^^ but its hurts much when they bite you.

    Glenn Kun- ou dati^^ haha

    Kay- hi girl. thank you too for always checking my blog. :) i own chinita eyes, that's why sometimes the eye bags cant recognize easily.

  9. Anateia Says:

    i so love this post, parang, gusto pa kita makilala? :] wala lang, kaaning kc ung post mo, buti kpa, heheh, aun, eto ym ko, sna maabutan kitang mag online

  10. edxaii Says:

    @anateia- i already added you in ym^^ we can be chitchat sometimes^^

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Pretty nice blog you've got here. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.

    Sincerely yours

  12. edxaii Says:

    thanks.. :) i'm so sorry if i cannot update my blog because of my busy schedule on school. anyway.. have a great February month to all of you! :) i'll to post once a week^^

    - edxaii :)

  13. edxaii Says:

    thanks.. :) i'm so sorry if i cannot update my blog because of my busy schedule on school. anyway.. have a great February month to all of you! :) i'll to post once a week^^

    - edxaii :)

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