a piece of me game: JANUARY

this game is hosted by TOOTHFAIRY^^

here is my a piece of me for the month of JANUARY :)

i like: this first month of 2010.. a month of our Uni-Days! 3-day holiday and fun.. so much excited for the incoming U-days. (its a bonding time for all my friendship buddies!) yehh!

i don't like: my busy schedule in school.. waah!!! full of activities-reporting-editing-assignments-etc.churva! T.T i hate school-days this month.. :( and next week my mom will go back in Hanoi Vietnam to continue her job. i will miss her for sure! :(

i want you to know: that i'm a deep desperada bloggerista this month (i'm desperate to have a bunchies followers!) my goal this month is to complete the 50 followers of HEART of MIND! but not sure if i can do that.. coz i had realized that i've owned a NON-sense blog.! i think.
[you can help me if you want!! :) follow my blog please! haha]

i've planned: to write a one short story.. just one not two glasses a month.. lol.

i want to say to someone special: tams, hope this month we can set our date in a park, a green-like-place so that we can relax and bond silently and peacefully. can you grant that? XD

that's it! :P

want this game? join anytime you want!
note from the toothfairy


6 Response to "a piece of me game: JANUARY"

  1. HenRy LeE ® Says:

    awww... the last one is simply romantic :)

  2. edxaii Says:

    that's how my mind circulates about love^^ haha

  3. DayDreamer Says:

    Hey Edlyn...

    You got a great blog..and the posts are equally appealing..loved them..

    Keep it up!!

    Hope to see you in my space..!! Its not as creatively laid out as yours..


  4. Toothfairy Says:

    I like that you want to write a short story, that's really cool!

    Thanks for the award girl, and for joining my little game, hope you liked it!


  5. Miss K. You Says:

    Oh my sounds like you've got tons to do.. good luck with school dear! I thought I followed you..(oops) but if I didn't before, I just did! Yes school is crazyy for me as well.. it's especially difficult because I love good grades haha.

  6. *~kAy~* Says:

    i agree :P I want less school and more fun! :P

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