I've took this picture in Villa Alfredos Resort, located at Baliti San.Fernando Pampanga.
It was an awesome day! after sharing LOL with my Badangs, I've took some photographs of green-things in Alfredos. (nakakabana kase daming bulaklak) i know myself, i have been always fond catching some beauty of nature like: flowers, trees, insects (butterfly), all things connected with green *i am also a green minded. lols..

is it wrong to entitled this as "BEAUTY?" or is it more wrong if i'll entitle this as "DESTRUCTION?" I love seeing flowers with destructive things like musca demostica (housefly,bubuyog este langaw).

some of my photographs at that day! :)


And I also want to share this video. This is our first project in my subject "Introduction in Literature", a documentary film about the street children longing for new life. Try to watch it guys! (especially those Pinoys out there!)

Anyway i also have a new post here.. just Click~> Katotohanan sa Mundo ng Blog


happy weekends! much love! muah muah muah^^

12 Response to "BEAUTY and POVERTY"

  1. Golden Says:

    I love the shots dearie. You have a good eye for photography.

    Lots of love,

  2. HenRy LeE ® Says:

    nice shots... :)

    i really admirer ppl that involves in the project... i hope more and more people will come together as a family to serve the community to be a better place for them :)

    peace and love!

  3. edxaii Says:

    @Golden- tnx ate^^ actually bubut pako sa gawaing pang potograpiya^^

    @uncle henry- thanks for watching the video, did you see my name at the last page of the video? hehe see i'm the photographer of our group hahaha

    yeah.. i'm also hoping for the better place for them. Hope our country could settle this problem na.. poverty until now is increasing.

    THANKS FOR COMMENTS momm Golden and Uncle henry! lol :)

  4. HenRy LeE ® Says:

    yes i saw ur name... another potential photographer to be...haha

    yeah poverty is everywhere... i did a video about it last week too. It was a day project but we managed to finish the 4 minutes clip at 1am...

    u r most welcome edlyn :)

  5. edxaii Says:

    oh? wow thanks uncle^^ can i watch your video too?? :)

  6. ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ Says: cool pics..youre good at photography :3

  7. Chocolate Lover Says:

    nice pics! :)

  8. edxaii Says:

    @ayu- thanks^^

  9. Miss K. You Says:

    Your photos are so beautiful girly! Aw :( sorry to disappoint but I won't be able to post more than 2x a week for a while.. I know you understand. thanks for the compliments on my last FOTD too :) hehe I didn't use any mascara or false lashes.. only curled my natural lashes! I admire you too for working towards your passion.

  10. *~kAy~* Says:

    you take such nice pictures! :)
    I could see them in magazines ;)
    I think its quite beautiful :)

    did you create that documentary?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Misskyou- your always welcome.. and thanks again. oww~ sad to hear that. why? is there any problem? or ur just busy for this coming month? tc always.. :)

    much love, Edxaii^^

    ~Kay- yeah. we did that documentary in just 1 day shooting and interviewing and 3 hours editing^^ that's why its not well done polished. :)

  12. Miss K. You Says:

    Hi girl, thanks for caring :) I can't post much because school leave me no time.. I will try to do two posts a week, try! Take caree

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