lights camera.. ACTION!! :)

I am just having fun with my cousin's classmates
And I don't really know if I've done a lot of good pictures or not.

all pictures that you will see are all taken by me, and all the pictures are not edited. All picture are the real picture that I taken, next time I'll edit it soon but not now because I don't have enough time to do it.

"ako naman ate.." :)

(here's AJ, the ex lover i think, of my cousin)

"whose next?"

(We just saw some stone at the table, and we got this idea to take a picture of them, showing that they are playing CHESS..)

"how are you?"

(Using the light as the brightness of the picture)


(using the water as the main technique for this picture.. it is the main effect as reflection of the main subject)

"together again.."

(this two are ex lover but still they have "chemistry" right? they really look good together.. haha)

"i don't have any idea.."

(haha.. i rotate the picture to have it's own unique look.)

-- i still have more pictures to upload but i cant upload right now because of some problem about uploading.. look at this:

i can't upload it right.. :[


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