not just an ordinary PERSONS.. know them better..

My logic professor invite us to visit at 174 Sto. Domingo city jail.. I don't know exactly the name of the place but it is a place we're all of the suspects here in Pampanga are temporary imprisoned there while their case are still under observation. jail are place where suspects are imprisoned temporarily without any trial yet.

When I'd seen the place I don't know how to react on it. First I feel so nervous because of the ambiance of the place and also because of what I had been think when I hear the word "JAIL." But when we already place in what you call "SELDA" where all the prisoners are divided into equal number, and place of them in each selda.

Inside the selda, We interviewed "Rhod Villanueva" the vise mayor of the selda. According to him, each selda has its own officers.. 1st the mayor, 2nd vise, and 3rd the bastonero.

They are more like one big happy family. Even they are prisoners, inside the prison they are more kind than those who are live outside. Everyday they have their BIBLE study, they have their own task, they have their own style of living.

Inside the selda there's a television where they can watch anytime they want. They also have fund for their monthly and weekly dues.

They are all nice person.. They don't even let us feel that we're inside the jail.. They let us feel that we are just inside a big house that we can call "HOME"

Different persons, different sins, different nationality; Koreans, Americans, Germans, and of course Filipinos.

Before we live they thank us for visiting them and letting them tell their story. They also have a favor..

here's the favor: just one text.. to let their family know that they are longing for their cares and love for those who are inside the prisons.


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  1. jenn.Ü Says:

    anu un bhexsie? yung mga andun bah ginawa nla tlga ung ksalanan na binibintang sknla?

    ayy. kwawa nmn di nla ksma mga family nila. :((

  2. edxaii Says:

    yung iba dun.. wala tlagang kasalanan.. nadawit lang.. ung iba naman idiniin lang sila sa kasaLanang di naman nila ginawa..

    pero karamihan na kaso dun.. drugs..

    konti lang ung rape and murder..

  3. sheri amor Says:

    talga? I've had patients din before.. I was scared at first pero okay din kc mababait cla. Ung cases lang ng pagpunta nila ang nakakatakot dun.. pero iba talaga pag nakakausap mo cla.. spec. ung sharing nila sa family nila :(

  4. edxaii Says:

    ou nga te un yung nakakatakot.. ung isa nga pala dun murder ung kaso nia, una natakot kme, pero ok naman pala syang kausap. hmm.. tama ka ung sa family ang pinakanakakalungkot.. ung iba kasi hindi na dinadalaw ng fam. nila, tapos ung ibang preso papasok dun may asa ata anak pero pag lumabas na daw malalaman nila may iba nang asawa ung asawa nila, pero di mu naman sila masisi ung asawa nila kasi need din nila ng mga un ng makakatulong sa buhay.

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