so much nervous..

At this moment I was sitting in front of the house of Tita Lhou. While typing this, I am so nervous about my best friend JENN (my bhesxie). She still not at home and her parents keep texting her and call her but still NO RESPONSE. I try to call her and I did! She said that She still with her new boyfriend "MIGUEL".. in this time?? it's already 10:19 and every one are worrying about her including ME. She said she will going to sleep at my house. HOPE SO! Coz I don't know what to do to her. I still keep on texting her. I am praying that she's at a good hand. Hayy~bhexsie..

FINALLY! papunta na daw..

tonight status: bhexsie uwi.. :(

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  1. mikelle Says:

    ^^ Thank you 4 visit Good Evening :)

  2. jenn.Ü Says:

    sorry bhexsie pinagworry kh kaio. huhu! waaaaa! hndi ako kinakausap ni mama. huhu!ang smasma kng anak. lahat na nga ng gusto kh binibgay kh binigyan kh pa sia nan sama nan loob. huhu! magbabago nkh PROMiSE, sinusuyo kh nga si mama e. sna bumalik na yung dati..

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