you should also owned one..

A group of friends is one of the basic groups of society. The man won’t live without society and the society won’t live without a man. Just like us, we won’t live without friends and also them, they won’t live without us. Even though we have different perspectives about Friendship, and we define it in different ways. To form a good friendship you must know these 3 things: ACCEPTANCE, TRUST, and LOYALTY.

You must accept all the things about them, trust everything and returned it to being loyal. This means that no matter what happen, you must accept the things they have done to you; you must know how to give and forgive, share your time and advices, and you must be a good influence to them.

If ever there’s what you call “MISTAKE” between you and one of your friend, you must know how to accept their apologize and if ever you are the one who have been done that mistake, you must set aside your pride and build again a good relations. You must trust them for keeping your secrets and they also do the same thing.

When you are sad, friends are one of the best shoulders to cry on. Friends are one of the best gift that God given to us. You won’t call it FRIENDS if both of you are not loyal at the same time. You must be a trust worthy person. So you must love, do a favor, do the same thing, accept each other, trust each other and be loyal to each other.

Be a nice FRIEND and you can also owned the same. :)

-- I do this assignment for one of Christal's friend. I don't know that person but I did this.. haha it is a good practice to me as a future writer. weeehh.. :P

today status: YE!!! ang sweet ni boyfriend kanina.. :) haha HAPPY?? exactly! :)


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