Philosophical questions: Is it ethical to kill lives to save others?

For me, it is both YES and No, It is ethical in a way that you save one’s life whether you kill someone or not. It is better to kill someone who cause suffering to others than to see someone who suffers from those kind of person. And I do believe that if somebody died or if somebody was killed, it is their fate that brings them to it; it is the end of their life line. And even though they already gone, only the body was died, but their soul reaches their perfection (it is according to the Philosophy of man of Plato).

For Plato the body is material and the soul is immaterial. The body cannot live and move apart from the soul but the soul can exist apart from the body. So when the body was gone, the soul reaches their perfection, So there's nothing wrong if you save others by killing, that person is destined to die, you're just became an instrument of his/her fate. So it is ethical.

But, it is also not ethical in a way that “we don’t have any license to take somebody’s lives.” Only God have those rights to take one person’s life in order to save others who deserves to live more. No one has the right to kill others, and besides there’s another way to save lives.

-- how about you? it is ethical or not??

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  1. Miss K. You Says:

    Hi dear, feel free to join my giveaway if you wish.. it's easy :) just leave a comment under the blog entry! I do have to agree with you in many ways on whether or not it's ethical to kill someone.. it all depends on the situation, but in general I would follow the rule that it is more ethical if the killing does more good than harm.

  2. f1trey Says:

    Welcome! Such a hard question!!! I wish I had a fantastic answer!Like most questions the answers are complex....... society must have some sense of order in order to continue and so my personal answer is that taking life for the safety of the public might be ok.... have a great day!

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