a childhood sweet heart..

My MR.RAYT List... <3>
from him.. don't know the exact date..

2nd year time..
kung anu anung pinag susulat nia jan.. nag aasaran kame^^

His last letter before we broke up..

I treasure every single things about him..
even this piece of candy and paper..

I also draw him..
I already gave the exact drawing to him after we broke up..
this is only the photo copy of my drawing..

Valentines card (feb. 2006)..


I still kept all this stuff on my room.. not because I still want him but because I treasure all the memorize that we have been enjoy.

This time, I don't have any news about him..
Anyway.. MR. + RAY(mark) + T..
= Mr. Rayt^^

that's why.. Mr.rayt..

3 Response to "a childhood sweet heart.."

  1. sheri amor Says:

    aw.. haha everypiece of cady wrapper!!! even ung maxx!! napaka sentimental mo magkakasundo tau :) i dunno actually the mr right. It's just that, evry guy that I loved and i go out with before, I call them mr right.. XD

  2. edxaii Says:

    hEhe.. naku wala pa yan.. =P hmm..obsess aqoh sakania nung high school.. pero di na ngayun.. :D 1st anggang 4th year ko syang crush. kahiya.. haha mr.right tlaga nuh? woww, feeling qoh rin magkakasundo tau^^

  3. mapple Says:

    I'm still keeping love letters from my nice ex-boyfriend. But I burned letters from the bad ex-boyfriend hahaha :)

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