ili ili tulog anay

I found this video on youtube and it makes me laugh. lols! XD
this "ili ili tulog anay" is a Visayans lullaby, it was Filipino folk songs from Ilongo. I heard this song from the movie of ANGELICA PANGANIBAN which Her role is "WHITE LADY".



Ili-ili, tulog anay,
Wala diri imong Nanay,
Kadto tienda bakal papay,
Ili-ili, tulog anay

English Translation

Little one, little one, sleep now
Your mother is not here,
She went to buy some bread
Little one, little one, sleep now.

Anyways.. Here's some version of "ILI ILI TULOG ANAY" from the movie..

This is the version of "PAULEEN LUNA"


Which one do you like?
me the version of ANGELICA PANGANIBAN.. Coz her voice was so awesome and I like her "gagalgal voice".. haha Her voice matches the song. :)

TODAY STATUS: I'm hungry!!! huhuhu XD

6 Response to "ili ili tulog anay"

  1. jenn.Ü Says:

    ang msasabi kh lang ang ganda ni angelica. angelic voice pa. oha!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    is that really her? tingin ko may nagsubstitute lang sa kanya.. pero I dunno :P the song is great!! anung nga pala ibig sabihin ng garalgal? prang nanginginig?-sheri

  3. Anonymous Says:

    oo parang nanginginig nga. yung garalgal. :)-jen

  4. Sleep With An Open Eye Says:

    do you have this...ili ili tulog anay full lyrics?? i'm malaysian..but i do love the melody of this me will ya?? thnxx

  5. edxaii Says:

    sorry dear.. i dont have the full lyrics of that song.. i just heard that on the movie "white lady" that is why, i'm not really sure where will i get the full lyrics.. :)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I'm an ilonggo and I like the song. My father used to sing that song when I was a little girl.

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