"20 things i want to do today"

Awhile ago, i try to write the "99 things i hated and 1 thing that i wanted most about my life". You know whats the result? yeah right! I did not finish it. Now i decided to write the "20things i want to do today" list.

1. I want to complete my laundry.

2. I want to clean all the area of our house.

3. I want to map the floor.

4. After, cleaning the house i wanna take a rest.

5. I want to complete my sleep. 5 hours.

6. I want to sit here in front of computer for 9 hours and post everything that i can.

7. While posting, i wanna drink "cobra" (energy drink).

8. while eating "choco mucho".

9. I want to post all my secrets in PostSecret.

10. I want to create a video for PostSecret.

11. I want to customize all my friendster accounts.

12. I want to perfect the GEO CHALLENGE in my facebook.

13. I wanna take a bath 3 times today.

14. I wanna do some postcards for PostSecrets.

15. I wanna see him, be with him, sleep with him, and eat with him today. :]

16. I wanna text him and tell him that i'm OL but I'm too busy doing this thing.

17. I wanna call him but I'm waiting for his call.

18. Unli call tonight?

19. drink 9 glass of water like i did before.

20. I wanna post this post right now!

DONE.. :]

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