my first step..

school stuff.. :)

here's my registration form, schedule and my id..

my new id.. :)
[the letter "R" are missing!] haha..

i finally "got it!" :)
i got my new course..
(Communication Arts: Advertising and Public Relations)

This time i wanna take my step seriously. I can't wait for the day of success. Actually, I'm so excited to add new people in my life. So excited to meet new challenge, to walk into a new road, and to step into a new stair of my life. I finally got my 1st step to my new college life. And this time, it's different to the first one. I would never ever waste my time again to a non sense stuffs around me! This time I'll make the difference! and this is a new one.. :)

anu daw? nang ketak ku ne?
wala man akong naintindihan sa sinulat ko.
amfufu naman! haha..

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