title: my perfect man
by: edxaii^^

you are my pillow that i lay at night
you are my security when i have fear in my life
you are my dreams when i am sleepin’
and you are my reality when i already dreamin..

when i open my eyes, i always see you
when i close it, i still breathin’ on you
sing with you and keep you forever
coz your my hidden treasure ever..

your my perfect man
your lips so soft and silk
when i kiss you i melt
our bodies interwine, every inch of you is FELT..

your my perfect man
your my best friend, perfect fit for a husbond
you’re the flatter that i feel in my heart
you’re the one that i think when were far apart..

and you are my one and only zealous
destiny that i ever had
and it will last in all the time..

_i made this poem for my ex (Glenn) when we still together. And until now i still feel that he's the perfect man for me. But the problem is, I'm not the perfect girl for him. Hope he find the one who truly love him and will never hurt him the way I did.

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