"a story"

title: A STORY
by: edxaii^^

i heard a story about this man
who love that girl with all his heart
he love that girl with all desire
he love that girl in all the time

he used to write a letter for her
to make her know that he care
he used to write a poem for her
to show his love forever

they always in the library
he sang a song silently
telling that he love her passionately
showing he can wait patiently

but the girl has a man
she love that man all the time
she love that man with all desire
and she love that guy with all her heart

the man sang a song for her
she listen but she’s not fair
she love being with him
but she love her man more than him

time passed by
the two of them still at the library
waiting for the time of their class hour
but the man waiting for the heart of her love one

at the middle of the story
the man continue writing a letter
writing a story came from his mind
writing a poem from his hand to her heart

but at the end of the story
the girl continue the reality..
the man has a right but his right is a crime
the man always write but at the end just HE CRIED..

_Someone tell me a story about the girl he truly love. And this is the story all about. i made this poem for him to realize that the best thing to do is to "move on" and let himself find the one who will love him like he did.

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